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Beach Presidential and now famous Virgin Beach

virgin beach Bali

Virgin Beach Bali

Not many people know or tourists about the existence of this beach. People – people call it under different names, from white sandy beaches, beach front and now famous Virgin Beach. No one knows for sure why foreign tourists prefer to call this beach as Virgin Beach. However, if payed is nothing wrong with the name virgin beach because of its unspoilt natural state, also known as pure, quiet atmosphere, the waves were moderate, quiet atmosphere when the water was still cold in the morning, here is very suitable for swimming And snorkeling course also specially for foreign travelers to sunbathe.
Panoramic view of the sea in Virgin Beach is incredibly beautiful. Located between two rocks and the beach is quite hidden, which is located behind the mountain and BUGBUG Perasi.Deburan waves, are classified as such tourists swim at these beaches. Coconut palms on the coast in ornaments. This beach looks similar to the difference Balangan Balangan beach facing the north could watch the sunset, this beach is south.
To arrive at this beach takes only about 30 minutes from Candidasa place to reach, even in very difficult terrain. To reach it, the visitors have to drive a distance of about 100 meters from the asphalted road. But still reach with all-wheel drive. If you are tired of a panoramic view of Virgin Beach all feeling tired while driving will be instantly lost because the conditions are still pure, quiet atmosphere, and the water is cold and clear.

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