Bali Alternative  Tour will be arrange your holiday more deeply. The Bali Island  is a mass tourism,  there are many  modern tourism facilities, which gives new value to the tourism in Bali. Do you assess that Bali is good, or it was ugly or not according to  your expected? That is your vote, but Bali Alternative tour will be arrange your holiday to be able to interact directly with the culture and customs. That excess Bali now, though Bali is a mass tourism, but keep the Bali culture and customs of remain sustainable. Even the Bali Alternative will carry out your holiday program according to you want and return home in happiness.  Please info you tour program you have.


Transport Services  Cost tour starting  from Rp. 500.000/8 hours include  minibus + English driver.
Cycling Tour  Cycling Sport Tourism  www.balicycling.com
Specific Language  Guide Rp. 350.000 per day

Bali Alternative

Are you dreaming about exciting holidays in Indonesia and a successful Bali round trip? From palm tree beaches, sun, sea, exoticism and relaxing bathing holidays in a great hotel on the most beautiful beaches of Bali? Inquire about our Last Minute Bali and cheap holiday offers. Whether varied Bali tour, cozy beach holidays on the beach or Bali honeymoon – we offer Bali Travel proven Lotus... 

Beach Presidential and now famous Virgin Beach

virgin beach Bali
Virgin Beach Bali Not many people know or tourists about the existence of this beach. People – people call it under different names, from white sandy beaches, beach front and now famous Virgin Beach. No one knows for sure why foreign tourists prefer to call this beach as Virgin Beach. However, if payed is nothing wrong with the name virgin beach because of its unspoilt natural state, also... 
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